How Can You Help Support Your Local Community?

How Can You Help Support Your Local Community?

How can you help support your local community?

Ontario is in yet another lockdown as our Province battles the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. So many people are struggling financially and mentally as their businesses get closed or modified. These small businesses need us, their community to support and keep them going!

Here are some amazing ways you can show your support to these local businesses and your community in this time of need:

Kindness – yes, this is my first and foremost point to be made! We are all going through hard times here and kindness goes a long way. We have had to learn to adjust and adapt to this new way of life. Businesses went months and months with no income and still had to find ways to adhere to public health restrictions once they reopened. It takes time for everyone to figure out this new way we have been living, so lets all be kind to one another and give each other grace as we continue through this pandemic.

Shop – Instead of going to Walmart or ordering online from Amazon, take a look at what small businesses are in your community. Many of these businesses have online shops, curbside pick-up and have altered their storefronts to adhere to public health protocols. These small businesses are owned by community members and it would be great to support your fellow neighbor rather than a big box store.

Have a review? – Many people rely on good reviews to back up their businesses! Think about leaving a 5-star review on some of your favourite local businesses on Google, Facebook or Yelp. This will help these small businesses get a positive image to those who have not yet tried their products or services. Remember, kindness goes a long way!
Hungry for Take-Out? – Try ordering directly from your local favourite restaurants! Skip Uber Eats and give your favourite restaurant a call. This helps support your local businesses and not those who profit from them.
Spread the Word – Do you know how people find out about these small businesses? Through word of mouth! Don’t just like these businesses on social media, SHARE and spread the word! Let others know these businesses are out there and what they offer.
Respect – You may not like the rules that have been put in place during this pandemic, but respecting those that do is important. Wear your mask, use the hand sanitizer at the doors before entering. These are there for the safety of employees and you too!
Need Groceries? – Try your local butcher, bakery or grocer instead of the big box stores!
Gyms – Gyms are shut down yet again. Most gyms give you the option to pause your membership or offer virtual classes. If you can, now is the time to unpause. Gyms have been hit so hard with this pandemic and if you’re able to still support them, then do it!
Make Someone Smile – These times have been hard on all of us. Many are struggling financially and mentally. Working from home, homeschooling kids, being unable to see friends and family. It all takes a toll on everyone. Why not spread some cheer and send someone flowers from your local florist? Order some baked goods from a local bakery and deliver them to someone having a hard time. Even just offering to lend a hand or an ear to listen can make someone’s day! Why not support a local craft beer and send a friend some pints!

Our community is full of great people and the businesses they own. I have provided some links below to some of my favourite places in my community.

Comment some of your local favourites and let’s spread the word about these great businesses!

Good Eats:

Chanterelles Bistro (Bowmanville)

Three-Six Kitchen (Bowmanville)

Starapples Restaurant (Bowmanville)

The Yardbird (Bowmanville)

Roam Coffee (Bowmanville)

Nest Desserts (Bowmanville)

Manantler (Bowmanville)

Butchies Restaurant (Whitby)

Pizza Munno (Oshawa and Whitby)


The Willow Branch (Bowmanville)

Markets Ontario (Bowmanville and other locations)

Gather (Bowmanville)

Petit Nordic Boutique (Bowmanville)

Splendid Greetings (Courtice)

Reinsigns (Bowmanville)

Chez Fleur (Durham Region)


Ash Rose Aesthetics (Bowmanville)
Beauty Foundations Clinic (Whitby)


Orangetheory Fitness Bowmanville

Form Health (Oshawa)

Tara Minacs Wellness Coach

Other Services:

The Bark Side Grooming (Bowmanville)

Cotton Candy Arrangements (Bowmanville)


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